Garden lovin'....

Whilst our weather decides whether it's Winter, Spring or four seasons in one day, at this time of year my thoughts always turn to the garden.  Wanting to throw open the doors and 'air' the house. I look pitifully at the devastation of my beds left by the rain and the wind, and let me be honest, sheer neglect over the winter and I think I really need to  dig those over and get some seeds in! I've already missed the boat with the 'earlies' - main crop of spuds it is this year then!   I dream about a space that will almost take care of itself (whilst I would love a rambling garden with interest at every spot and something drawing the eye elsewhere, that's just not going to happen! I am too time poor and lacking in knowledge!) 

I can however do the basics, keep on top of the lawn, ours seems to need mowing once a week during the summer, sweep the paths, weed the beds,  jet wash the patio and this year the shed and playhouse need some TLC.  Lastly fill a few pots with bedding plants and wait for them to blossom.  Ultimately I want the garden to be another room during the warmer months, some where to drink my morning cuppa, or whip up a quick meal for some al fresco dining, and enjoy a glass of something cold in the evening.  I want the ambience to be just as cosy outside as I would have inside the house, therefore I need fairy lights or festoon lights hung, sheepskins and throws to ward off the chill after the sun goes down and an outdoor kitchen.....we are still talking about dream gardens aren't we? I am a real foodie so in my dream garden there would be the said outdoor kitchen, raised beds with an abundance of veg and pots overflowing with fresh herbs.  The beds of veg and pots of herbs I can manage but the outdoor kitchen.....well, we still have a knackered old BBQ that my husband insists is fine, despite the fact we have had it for over a decade and It has a missing wheel so requires propping up! 'It still works' he declares each year and to be fair he is probably right, for the amount of nice weather and impromptu BBQ opportunities we get here, although it doesn't stop me throwing every conceivable idea at him in the hope of convincing him we need that Green Egg cooker!

Here is my inspiration

To achieve any of these looks, it isn't difficult.  You can drag a few things outside that you would normally use inside.  A lamp, a few scatter rugs, cushions from the sofa and candles.  All equal instant ambience.  You don't need a large space or even a patio as the above picture proves, just a few home comforts and good company.

Shop the look:

  1. Teardrop Wicker Chair - Living it up
  2. Sheepskin - Cowboy Kate
  3. Festoon lights - Lights4Fun
  4. Green Egg Cooker - Big Green Egg 
  5. Fire Brazier - Cox & Cox
  6. Vago Tub Chair - Ikea 
  7. Battery Lampshade - Cox & Cox

The sleeting has stopped and the sun is finally out and the garden is being mowed as I finish this, I should get out and dig over a bed ready for some spuds!

As always let me know what you think.  Have a good evening all!