Boys Room Update....

Apologies as this post has been a long time coming!! But finally I have managed to finish it! So here it is the explanation for a mini makeover in my sons room....

I've never been one for a nursery look with characters for a couple of reasons.  Primarily I find it hard to accept big themes, Disney characters, or stereotypical pink for girls, blue for boys, but also having triplets and the sheer expense of 3 times over I would rather invest in the long haul and make simple changes as and when the time came.

Until recently my little boy Joe who's 8 has had the exact same room since we moved in when he was 2! The only change I made during this time was to upgrade his cot bed to a single size bed, so naturally the bedding changed but I actually bought the same covers but in the single version as opposed to 'cot bed'.  If I'm being really honest he could've gone on a bit longer with this look as it wasn't insulting to his age, and still quite sweet (and lord knows the time is flying by so quickly I want to keep them as young as possible for as long as possible! Please tell me this isn't just me?! 

Anyway as his sisters had moved into sharing a room together recently he made a throw away comment totally pulling on the 'mothers guilt'  heart strings  'but i don't have anyone to share with!' So naturally I jump straight to it with a little revamp - I can't have one feeling more fussed over than the other!! Trials and tribulations of being a multiple mum! If only the room was big enough I'd put them all in together like this...

image from pinterest

image from pinterest

How cute?! If I had the room I definitely would have done this, it would certainly make my life easier!!

Anyhow not long after I started my blog, I wrote a post about updating his room, but I hadn't quite gotten around to it.  Click here if you fancy a read.

So when I raised the subject again, he said he wanted a world map, incidentally I had wanted to do this originally but the cost was very expensive.  As luck would have it though one of my favourite Instagrammers had recently added a mural to her study from B&Q.  So I hot footed it there before it sold out!

Lisa Dawson's study

Lisa Dawson's study

As the mural was not quite long enough to cover the whole of one wall in Joe's room I had to settle on just the chimney breast, despite half of America missing, for me it satisfied the look I was hoping to achieve!!! The mural covers 2.32m high and 3.15m wide so a fair sized wall will be covered with this unless you have super high ceilings or a longer wall like me.  It comes in 4 pieces that are easy to put up with general paste, and no special tools are required! 

B&Q world map mural - available  here

B&Q world map mural - available here

As Joe was getting something not too fussy, something that definitely wasn't going to cost the earth and needed to be done on my one day off, I simply changed a couple of soft furnishing details such as the bedding, lamps and added a desk.  This was his one request! I had originally fancied a scandi inspired desk from Ikea but in keeping with the brief and budget, I opted for a laptop table again from Ikea that fits the bill perfectly!  All in all it is amazing what you can achieve by simply shaking things up slightly.  Here is the finished article.

Joe's room makeover

Joe's room makeover

And if you fancy purchasing any of the items featured, just click the links!

1. Bedding - H&M limited availability online but available in store

2. World map mural - B&Q

3. Wall Art - Mon Pote

4. Desk - Ikea

5. Eames chair - Fusion Living

6.Rug - Ikea

7. Cushion - M&S similar here

8 Lamp - Habitat


He's pretty pleased with it as am I for managing to complete the mini makeover during the school day so I could surprise him when he got home.  As I had a couple of items, such as the chair, cushion and wall sticker, I managed to update his room for under £200.

Now onto the girls!!......

What do you think?