Panelling Obsession....

Panelling has always been on my radar, but it seems to be having a moment and it's only fuelling my obsession with it.  Traditionally used in Period homes, its now popping up in Cafe's and Bars, and even the most humble of abode's.  The interest it adds to a room, the feature it creates and the endless style options that can completely alter the entire look! I draw only one conclusion..... I need it somewhere! So my attentions have turned to our snug.  Its a room we use a lot, its an extension of our kitchen, where the children watch TV, use the computer for homework or generally play. It is also a bit of a cut through room from the front door to the kitchen so it has a fair bit of traffic passing through.  This little room has to work hard.   It's longer than it is wide so by the time the furniture is placed it creates a slim rectangular space, where you walk straight through the middle.  Which makes it a fairly bland space, or blank canvas if you're more of an optimist! It does have a couple of redeeming features though and that's the double sided log burner and a lovely deep sash window. 

The idea is to put the panelling along the largest wall as it will be the first thing you see as you enter the room.  This is the wall that is also looked at the most because it has the log burner housed in the chimney breast and the little desk area is in one alcove and the media unit in the other alcove.  In the past I have tried wallpaper, but since adding the Merci tin tile paper to my kitchen, as well as Library wallpaper in the lounge, I'm In danger of becoming the 'feature wall' cliché!  Now I know this is another feature wall of sorts but in my justification its completely fine as it's not wallpaper!!  

Now all that is left is for me to decide what look I want to create?? I think I'm favouring the Jacobean square style panelling, that seems to have become synonymous with the term wood panelling.  Although I am little torn between this and the look of the V groove Tongue and Groove, a slightly more contemporary twist to the more cottagey original bead of T&G. 

As always I turn to Pinterest for my inspiration....

Or Tongue and Groove? Will it add enough texture to the wall?

Equally just by adding beading to the wall I can frame sections of the wall....

Inspired?  Any of the above looks can be achieved by using pre designed panels that can be fitted yourselves or by a professional.  Companies such as The English Panelling Company have drool worthy designs and the finish is tip top.   I will be attempting a DIY version of the chosen look simply as it comes down to budget.  My wall is a big wall so the most cost effective approach for me is to add batons to the wall and paint them out.  Ultimately I and hoping to achieve a finish of similar standards to that of the pre designed panels so watch this space! 

Have you tried a DIY method? If so hints and tips are always welcome, please feel free to leave them in the comments!