Wallpaper Heaven....

After a summer break, I'm back with a list as long as my arm, with a number of jobs that I want to get done over the coming season.  For me each season brings a little shake up, swapping things around to make things a bit cosier, bringing in the logs (although there's no danger of them being used at the moment as we're experiencing some hideous muggy weather!) But first on the list is a little wallpapering, and a mini kitchen update part deux!

For many years I have quite honestly drooled over this wallpaper and have wanted to use it somewhere.  Although I could never quite decide where to put it and when I thought I had finally decided, the realisation that I needed 3 rolls of this bad boy, meant I had to go back to the drawing board due to my inability to justify so much on 3 rolls of wallpaper!  However I'm hoping the old adage 'best things come to those who wait' is especially true of my most recent revelation.  Now to stop all the mystic, i'm talking about Merci tin tile wallpaper 01 to be specific, and whilst I know I am super late to the party, I have loved it for so long I'm banking on still loving it long after it's up! 

Merci Tin Tile 01

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that earlier this year I painted my very white kitchen dark grey.  It's  a colour I have elsewhere in the house so thought it would be a winner in the kitchen.  I have lived with it now for a few months but its not quite, dare I say it...dark enough! So to partially avoid the gasps of horror of going 'off black' I am going to break it up with the divine wallpaper.  So the order has been placed with one of my favourite on-line boutiques Tin Design, and whilst I wait with bated breath for its arrival I shall be whipping out the roller on the other walls. 

I have mentioned Tin Design briefly in my previous post as one of my go to shops, so naturally they were my first port of call.  Tara and Trudy are the ladies behind the Tin brand. They are two friends from Leigh on Sea that have a very clever eye for design and stock quirky homewares not found on the high street.  I particularly love the way they support local artisans by showcasing their work, giving us a chance to purchase some cool art, photography or something hand made that isn't found everywhere and unique to our homes.  So besides the very cool pieces on offer their wallpaper certainly has a lot to shout about too, whatever vibe you're after, I'm certain they have something to cover it, pardon the pun! From geometrics and jungle prints, driftwood and marble to murals and pixelated Geisha.  

Some of the coolest papers don't you agree? In fact the Jungle Palm by Cole and Son nearly had me this morning.  Flashing up an image on my phone just as I was about to press 'confirm order' on my longed for Tin Tile choice - fickle fiend that I am! But I stuck to my guns and instead I decide to drag out my H&M Home Palm print cushion just to scratch that itch! 

My top wallpapering tips....

This list is by no means exhaustive, just a few fairly obvious points but nonetheless things i've learnt along the way!

  • Order all of your paper at once as the rolls are numbered by batches. They may vary slightly from batch to batch and if you run out and have to order more there could be a slight variation in colour. Wallpaper calculator

  • Hide alignment mistakes by painting a one inch band around the top of the wall where the wall meets the ceiling.  Especially important if you are papering over a dark wall with a lighter paper like I will be. This way you achieve a more seemingly neat finish if the paper fails to align exactly at the top.

  • Gather all your tools prior to starting a job - don't be stuck up a ladder and fumbling around for your tools, ensuring your piece is up and bubble free is imperative and you only have a short window to make sure this is possible.  

  • Sharpen your tools. Scissors, stanley blade. Whatever your preference, don't ruin your beautiful paper with jagged edges!

  • Use a plumb bob or level to ensure your paper is straight, Even new walls are never straight! It is a must on your first piece, and check and double check as it could be a few pieces in before you notice its on the wonk! 

  • Once you've pasted your piece to the wall, be quick to align it to the piece next to it, smooth out any lumps and bumps, wiping away any excess adhesive with a damp sponge from the ceiling above, skirting boards and the paper itself. Be sure to rinse the sponge regularly before you continue.

More inspiring images of what can be achieved with the wallpaper available at Tin.

All of Tin's wallpaper is available as a sample, so you can see it in the flesh before you buy.  From experience I can certainly vouch for a more expensive paper.  It is not only easier to hang, often papering the wall as opposed to the paper itself (this especially helps people like me, who are by far experts!) but the quality is apparent as soon as its up.  The thickness of wallpaper means the overall effect is smooth and luxurious.  This is also why its taken me so long to commit.  I do fully appreciate its an investment piece, but for me it's something worth waiting for.  

I hope you agree! I will of course post the finished wall once it's up. If you fancy browsing Tin Design for any of their cool pieces click here 

Wishing you all a fab weekend and please hashtag #mywallpaperheaven to showcase your adorned walls!