Insta-Fam Wares....

WARNING - Instagram side effects:

  • The inability to part with your phone for more than five minutes
  • Loss of 4G or battery life will give you palpitations
  • You don't care that styling the perfect shot makes you look stupid
  • Feeds your unhealthy obsession with interiors 
  • Skint!

Clearly i'm joking but we're all at it, for some its Facebook, Pinterest or Netflix, mine is Instagram! Although I can't deny I'm quite partial to a Netflix session whilst browsing Pinterest too.  Just be careful how you combine the obsessions. Recently I 'hashtagged' a picture 'netflixandchill' much to my husbands amusement as this implies something very different to how it was meant!! I was talking in the literal sense (quickly hits the edit button on the said picture!) likewise getting your head around the emoji's is another masterclass, says she who once gave someone the finger instead of the pointing index finger! #mortified both times!

Anyway I digress, I love it is what i'm trying to say. Its full of like minded people with similar tastes and interests that are there willing to inspire, and advise you, often with well meant banter thrown in.  What I didn't bank on however was the wealth of hugely creative people that sell their wares via Instagram or through their website linked to their account.  This way of purchasing accessories for your home whether it's something as small as a wee vase, a piece of art or something much larger such as an item of furniture, means you get something unique, not seen everywhere, and above all an incredibly personal service. I either have purchased from some of these shops or have my eye on one or two things! So here they are some of my favourite Instagram sellers.... 

Pati Robins Photography

Pati is a photographer capturing the emotions of people she shoots. Her shots are raw and heartfelt and a lot of her spare time is devoted to working with military veterans and their charities.  Her home itself is a an explosion of inspiration as she renovates and updates her adapted home, there is certainly no compromise on style or practicality here.

Below are some of may favourite images of Pati's 

Violet & Thistle

Jane from Violet & Thistle was probably one of the first shops I purchased items from.  She was also one of the first to offer her opinion and advice together with pictures of her home when I was deliberating how dark to go on my walls in my kitchen. What did I tell you? Its personal service with a bit extra! Her shop sells a wide range of quirky homewares from light boxes to copper planters and really cool kids accessories too.  I purchased a marble chopping board and gold sequin belly basket, that was soon nabbed by my daughter for her dolls! So amongst other things here are a few of my favourite bits Violet & Thistle have to offer.

Cowboy Kate

I first found Kate whilst browsing Instagram one night and immediately fell in love with her brave use of dark colours in her beautiful home.  Its over 400 years old and often referred to as "The Ranch'. It has been decorated with a bohemian eclectic vibe and you could lose hours just browsing her feed!  Kate sells Rare-breed Sheepskins that she has hand picked herself.  They are superbly unique, thick and an amazing addition to any home.  I have a few but need, yes need more! Here are some of my favs currently for sale - but be quick they go like hot cakes!

Plastic Vintage

Dani started her painting venture when she was looking for affordable art to fill her beautiful home.  Her collections are abstract statement pieces created to compliment your home scheme. The canvases are textured pieces with the clever use of acrylics, spray paint, gels and gloss paints.  Dani also makes custom lampshades, and letter framed prints.  Go and check her out if you haven't  already she is one clever lady!

Tin Design

Tin Design is run by Tara and Trudy.  Both have a wealth of experience with the Interior Design industry and professional styling. Their shop is the epitome of cool, selling quirky home accessories as well as eclectic lighting and artisan pieces not available on the high street.  Their passion for interior design is apparent in their own homes too with white walls and black ceilings, its all to die for.  I am a big fan of my nami brass pot purchased from them and certainly plan to buy a few other items on my never ending wish list.



Astella Hrela

Astella Hrela  is an Interior Designer and shop owner selling really cool faux flowers and plants. You know how much I love a faux or two.  Other pieces include a great selection of rugs and textiles and recent additions of black pottery perfect for casual entertaining.  Her feed skips between her main home and country home and it certainly looks like the coolest country pad i've ever seen! I purchased the funkiest task lamp from her when she popped a flash sale on Instagram so snapped this little beauty up for a song! See it here

So there we go, just a snippet of beautiful things available and as you can see from some of my top picks, any of those items purchased from some of the best independent sellers would give your home an edge and personality.  Writing this post has certainly not helped as my long list of desirables has just doubled! But I can't get enough! Love them all!

Have you shopped with these guys, do you have any other quirky independent sellers you love that you'd like to share? If so please pop them in the comments below, i'd love to check them out!

Have a great weekend!