Achieving A Seaside Look That Isn't Twee....

We are currently involved with a build of a seaside home. Which is incredibly exciting and we can't wait to enjoy long weekends and holidays there.  It has been a long process of trying to find a house in our chosen location that didn't involve a complete renovation and that was in budget - it didn't exsist! So by adjusting our requirements slightly we have found a new build. This wouldn't be our usual preference but given the mileage between us and the holiday home it was a sensible choice, and as we have been involved from the slab up, we have chosen all the fixtures and fittings, so it's basically the fun bits of a renovation with the comfort of a developer managing the rest. We are now at the part where its needs all the finishing touches and as it's by the sea I want something to reflect that, something different from home but definitely not a 'seaside theme' . Instead I want a calm interior with a little bit of classsic and easy living thrown in for good measure.  That doesn't involve blue and white stripes, wooden bird statues and lifeboat rings!

The project itself is based in the heart of a small village with everything you could want or need on your doorstep. This in itself is a novelty for us as at home we have to jump in the car to get anywhere. The site is that of an old filling station so not very big, our house is only one of six.  Its based in an area covered by the National Parks so development is very stringent, resulting in the very sympathetic build that is very in keeping with the local area.  So whilst I was keen to inject a feeling of 'holiday mode' as soon as you enter I really didn't want it to be a cliche.

Instead I took inspiration from this beautiful picture.  Our colour palette is soft greens and blues, with touches of grey and white. I found a print called Antarctica from an artist on Instagram, Sissan Richardt which I was instantly drawn to, and as I had already started upcycyling tables and chairs the scheme seem to fall into place.  As I haven't started installing bits just yet, I have that slightly anxious feeling wondering whether it will all work but I get that with any scheme and as always once the basics are in place the other bits evolve organically. I don't want to choose every last finishing touch as there would be no fun finding room for something we may find when on holiday, and the endless heart shaped pebbles that my daughters loved to find!

Antarctica Sissan Richardt 

Antarctica Sissan Richardt 

The backdrop is basically very soft grey walls. Ammonite by Farrow and Ball seemed to fit the bill and compliments the hallway which has been painted with Pavilion Gray. With a white washed wood floor and very pale grey/green kitchen units from Howdens the open plan space will be finished simply with up cycled table and chairs and a French Connection sofa with few soft sheep skins to boot. Its not able to accommodate much more than that but as long as we can gather around a big table for long breakfasts and board games, or snuggle on the sofa for a film in front of the fire we're very happy.  

Here's my inspiration....

Here's what we have so far....

Shop the look....

  1. Rare breed Sheepskin - Cowboy Kate available from Instagram @cowboykate
  2. Antarctica print - Sissan Richardt Art Rebels
  3. Bamboo Pendants - Violet and Thistle
  4. Wood Burner - Similar at  Chilli Penguin
  5. Tiles - Topps Tiles
  6. Kitchen Units - Greenwich Shaker Grey kitchen units
  7. Country style kitchen table - Ours is old but this one is similar Loaf Baker Boy
  8. Paint used - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Provence

Over the next few months this project will be coming to completion and available via Air bnb.  Its nestled in the heart of Newport in North Pembrokeshire and has a vast amount of Pembrokeshire coastline and immaculate beaches to enjoy and explore.  In the meantime take a look at my Pinterest board to see more of my inspiration. There is also more details of the property here.

As always let me know what you think have a great evening all x