Boho Luxe In A One Stop Shop....

So I visited the new Abigail Ahern store.  Wow is all I can really say.  The new store is so much more than I expected.  A botanical bar custom made from birch trunks brimming with the most amazing faux blooms, to a selection of coffee table worthy books and new stock only available in store - its that exclusive!

So when I had the opportunity to dash to London to visit the new Abigail Ahern store, to say I was excited is an understatement.  Despite the flash flooding that had caused utter chaos on the roads into London that day together with the madness that was the start of the Glastonbury. Revellers flocking in their droves only to be sat in their cars for hours on end threatened to scupper my plans, I had a mild panic but decided to drive so far and catch the train the rest of the way. Nothing was stopping me taking complete advantage of the babysitters organised to pick the kids up from school and a day of guilt free indulgence.

I have followed Abigail Ahern for many years and have always loved her penchant for moody hues, but more so recently since she has gone completely head over heels (literally) with her faux blooms.  The end of last year saw her West End shop opening in Heels, London, purely dedicated to her flowers.  Which is how I first fell for her style.  I adore flowers and buy them for myself more than I should.  I've never been a fan of silk naff fake flowers you get so when Abigail's blooms started getting some press I started following her.  I would say her recent change in style is still true to her way of decorating but has evolved into jungle fever.  Imagine giant Banana Leaf plants and Cacti the size of an average person and you get the idea.  So when I stepped into her new store her I felt as though I had been transported into the coolest hideaway ever.  Everywhere you looked amazing oversized chandeliers and vases were over flowing with all her flowers and evergreens.  Giant mirrors, artwork and her own paint range adorned the walls.  The floor was the coolest distressed wood effect decking and her furniture was scattered in vignettes all around.  I wouldn't advocate a one stop shop as a rule.  I love to mix old with new, inherited items with some clever upcycling and generally piecing together all your loved treasures.  However I defy anyone to step into that store and not want to buy a list of things as long as your arm! The eclectic mix of everything in store is totally swoonworthy, In terms of giving you a retail experience Abigail and her team have totally hit the jackpot.  You just want to buy something and everything which as a retailer I guess is the whole point entirely.  

I came away after perusing for an age, helped by the lovely staff totally inspired to move everything around at home, and keep adding more to my home! More definitely has more impact! The floor has definitely been bookmarked for its texture and durability.  If it can be used in a retail space with large amounts of footfall surely it can cope with my little rabble?!  So whilst I really did love almost everything in store here's an edit for you.

 A pick of my favourite pieces....

AA hanging succulent - available in store

AA hanging succulent - available in store

A few of my favourite items from the edit have been on my wish list for a while but a lot of it is from the new range.  The new marble tableware and huge teak platters available online and in store  are a nice addition and definitely pieces to treasure and would easily add a wow factor to your table. If you follow @abigailahern on Instagram you would have seen some new furniture.  The store showcased the new wooden furniture which included neat sofas, tall side tables and trunks, but due to the exclusivity and the nature of the handmade product they are only available in store. 

Its recently been announced that AA is going global and you can see why, the interior inspiration is like nothing else out there 'jaw on the floor' interiors, pushing  your comfort zone into inspiring you to create a space where nowhere else compares, and best of luck with it all I say!

Have you visited yet? If you are in the vicinity sometime in the near future it is definitely worth a visit. The experience is so much better than just shopping online!