5 Tips To Colour Confidence....

If you have no idea where to start when choosing a colour for your walls the simplest advice I can give is to go with your gut.  I've said it before but its true.  Don't get caught up on the details like how much natural light you get, whether the room is south facing or not, just decorate and use your intuition and rely on your instincts, pick colours that suit your personality.  Only you can do this.  When you start to tell people your plans you'll be bombarded with cliches such as "ooh thats a cold colour" or "too dark" Which funnily enough, I get a lot! Or things like blue and green should never be seen! Remember that one? When you start decorating for yourself, all of a sudden you get something unique and personal to you.  It doesn't have to suit everyone as thankfully not everyone has to live with you but to aid you a little i've listed 5 things worth remembering....

Start with something you already have or are planning to introduce to your new scheme.  It could be a piece of furniture big or small, or an artwork print , a view even.  This can be the basis of your design.  By using a particular colour on all four walls or by repeating it through soft furnishings such blinds, curtains and cushions. 

Be brave! What do you want your place to say about you? To start with, decorating with colour can seem really daunting - I know because my house was completely white from head to toe when we first moved in, and taking the leap to paint it a very bold colour takes guts and a lot of talking to yourself! Colour also behaves differently to white walls.  White walls don't seem to alter from the differing lights at various times of the day, or react with other colours put with it. Bold colours do however make your things stand out more, all of a sudden a cheap item looks so much more expensive, things look grander and more curated.  Admittedly taking the leap and painting in a bold colour does take a lot of what I like to call 'faffing' (a favourite pastime I might add) but I feel the need to tell you this before you jump in and then feel disappointed.  If I'm being completely truthful this is how I felt initially, after painting most of my downstairs very dark.  It isn't what I envisaged, but that's because it does need a bit of attention. So don't be down hearted is what i'm saying. Take your time, experiment with it and have faith that your instincts were right! 

Use colour in unexpected places, behind shelves or bookcases. Inside kitchen cupboards, in nooks or alcoves the impact the splashes of colour has in these spaces is amazing - it all adds to the element of intrigue and interest.

Don't forget to introduce colour with your smaller items. Your cushions, vases or objects, books, crockery or greenery. Little pools of colour everywhere draw your eyes around a room, especially if these little splashes are curated in vignettes. 

Lastly Pattern.  I have talked about pattern and the uplifting effect it has on a room before, but it really does create a layer that completely takes a room to another level.  Pattern finishes your scheme like the icing on a cake.

I love this picture above.  Who says you can't paint a child's room dark?! 

A tip once you have chosen your colour scheme is to use your chosen colours in various forms throughout your home to create a feeling of cohesion. Particularly if you have a fairly open plan downstairs like I do, just taking one or two colours from one room to the next, ties them together without looking the same or being too obvious.

Hope you're feeling inspired to get your brush out for the obligatory DIY bank holiday! Don't forget be BRAVE! Let me know how you get on!