5 Big Impact Ideas For Small Rooms....

Lots of us live with small rooms, be it a bedroom, galley kitchen, or a compact front room.  We may have grand plans to knock a wall down, extend into a side return or convert the loft to give us the bigger space we're looking for.  But this may not always be possible right now for many reasons,  budget constraints, timing, planning are all contributing factors.  But i'm saying embrace your compact space, it doesn't have to be unloved or untouched.

There are a few ways in which you can add big impact to small rooms, dispelling the myths that small rooms should be kept light, and devoid of bits and bobs to maximise the space.  Here's a few tricks to help give your little room a big personality.

Go big with accessories

Large mirrors or artwork, even oversized pendants or chandeliers will look really cool and add impact to your room.  I wanted a french inspired iron pendant above my bed but the electricians kept saying I couldn't, it would be in the way.  But once i'd shortened the chain and hung it as low as possible, it completely worked.  It's just the look I wanted! Large mirrors will not only bounce light around the room but will create a real impression and because of the reflections your space will instantly appear larger. Go vertical with your choices as well, turn your mirror portrait, keep adding to your gallery wall vertically, and below where you think is the norm to hang pictures, waist height or lower if you are feeling brave.  These illusions again add to the impression of space.  By adding layers of interest through art and accessories it means your room cannot be 'taken in' in a second.  Paired back for a small space can equal boring and bland. Creating texture on furniture or beds with throws and large pillows, make a space say 'come and sit' or 'relax'. A small bar in your kitchen created from just a shelf and adding a stool will give the impression that your tiny kitchen can be used for more than just whipping up the evening meal. Juxtaposition is the name of the game. By mixing old and new and shiny with old and slightly battered will create such a contrast that adds that something extra to your room. Your space will not be judged in a second, totally detracting from the size of the room.

Go dark

This goes against everything people believe.  But if you have a small space, why not embrace this fact and make it more snug.  By painting the woodwork and ceilings you will also blur the lines of the room.  It doesn't have to be super dark but a colour a few shades darker than your original choice would do the trick.  Make your space more inviting and comfortable.

Wall mount where possible

If you do have room for a small desk space or dressing table make sure these are wall mounted options.  Again this could just be a shelf and a fold away one at that, or a skinny console, maybe a table that wasn't originally intended for use as a desk or vanity but offers the perfect solution because of it's slim proportions. Likewise Ikea's slim picture frame shelves could work perfectly for bedsides.  After all, you only need space for an alarm clock or gadget, a book and a glass.  You don't even need a bedside lamp as a clip on light will be perfect for reading in bed and fairy lights can be used for ambience.  These lighting options are not just restricted to the bedroom either, fairy lights in a kitchen or living area will add sparkle to any corner! Clip on lights can be attached to shelving units in the kitchen, either highlighting a shelf of beloved china or used as a task light when prepping.

Keep window treatments simple.

Don't over complicate the space with curtains and heavy drapes.  They can take up valuable space.  Instead opt for simple roman blinds or a a roller blind, both are widely available in a blackout option for a bedroom.  Shutters are more expensive but are tight to the window frame, look really cool and are good for privacy if this is an issue, as they filter the light and block out prying eyes without having to be shut.

Edit, edit, edit

Despite all the tricks used to make a small space appear larger you can only achieve this look successfully by editing your items.  Keep just what you need as there is a difference between layering and clutter! You are still able to keep your place packed with your personality and display your much loved items, but you must edit regularly. If you don't have enough space to display all of your things, store some and change them around every now and then.  I'm a big fan of this.  Giving something a new home in the house or bringing out something I haven't seen for a while makes me see it in a new light and I fall in love with it all over again.  Re gift or give to charity all the clothes you no longer wear, to keep your wardrobe neat and accessible.  Keep the utensils you need and donate your just in case items! Do you really need that soup maker? Yes these do exist! A small slow cooker will do just the trick if you're at work all day as will a good old fashioned saucepan!

Do you have any other clever ideas for creating big impact in small rooms? Let me know if you do.

Have a good weekend folks!