Conquering the Eclectic Look....

I live by a simple rule - if I love it, I buy it.  Which means I get a home that's full of things I love.  Don't get me wrong there have been losses, when my better judgment says 'but you don't need it' then I spend an unhealthy amount of time mourning the fact I didn't buy it and its now gone!  But achieving this look is not always easy to master, it takes time as it can't always be bought at once and If i'm not careful an eclectic look can appear a bit of a mish mash, or a right hot mess.  Naturally I'm not a person for clutter but I am far from a minimalist, so I walk the unsteady line of making our space look cosy (my utmost priority at all times) clear and orderly but not for it not to look like i've forgotten to finish decorating either.  Therefore there are a few tips that help me with the eclectic look.

If like me you like a lot of different styles its sometimes difficult to achieve cohesion. I love a statement piece but too many of them and I am in danger of spoiling the look of each item and making the space look haphazard and like I really have just thrown it all together.  Subsequently in any room that has a statement piece or two there should be lots of other items that are not so statement worthy but doing just as an important job. Vases and tealight votives, books and inconspicuous lamps will all add to your layering but don't need to shout out. 

Finding a common theme also helps with bringing an individual look together, that could more obviously be in the form of a style or era that you may favour but are not a slave to. Or a colour tying everything together.  Equally a choice of material such as a wood finish may bring together completely different items.  Any one of these things unifies your space and leaves you free to place your much loved things together even if they do range from Rococo to Mid-century. 

Adding items in numbers say in two's or three's will naturally start to tie a look together. For instance I love a dining table with different chairs.  I have a bench and and 5 other chairs, two pairs and an odd more statement chair that sits at the end.  This way it looks relaxed without looking chaotic, because I have more than one that's the same.

Soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs really help a space look connected, as does a touch of black.  Just a small amount of black, whether that's a lampshade, vase, bookends or stool can all help to ground the colour scheme and give it depth.  These items are so hard working they are like the cement in any room, keeping it all together.

Lastly, if you choose to decorate in this way there will be a few mistakes, I can definitely vouch for that. There will be lots of moving of furniture and pictures from room to room, there's a running joke in our house that If its not bolted to the floor...... It takes time to get it right but its so much more fun than choosing a look for a catalogue, and as they say 'best things come to those who wait'

I love all of these images and they are all super mis-matched but all have a common theme, from repeated items of furniture, colours or shapes that make them work despite having lots of different styles in one room.

How do you decorate? Remember it takes time and is a series of trials but that's part of the fun.  Take a look at my pinterest boards for more inspiration. 

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!