5 Things Every Bathroom Must Have....

It may seem a bit weird but style a bathroom like any other room! No longer does it need to be a sterile space that you just dash into morning and night. With these 5 must haves you'll turn your space from a room of total function to somewhere you'll want to stop and linger that little longer

These must haves can easily be stolen from other rooms and don't need to cost you anything to make a few changes and make your bathroom special.

First off somewhere to perch.  Whether you are bathing the children, pampering yourself or chatting to a significant other.  A chair is so handy.  It can be anything from a little milking stool or if you have the space opt for something more elaborate, why not curl up with a book whilst your bath is running? Sounds like heaven to me (i'll get my kicks where I can these days!)

Definitely put in some soft furnishings. Put up drapes or a blind, a rug even as opposed to a bath mat.  It completely softens the space and instantly makes it feel more like a room than a bathroom.  Curtains or billowing voiles are definitely going to be a bit controversial but again if you have the space - why not? Uber glam.

Pictures, artwork or oversized mirrors all look amazing in a bathroom. Again these help to elevate your space from somewhere functional to much more inviting.  There are no rules and endless options. You could hang your family photographs, or a favourite  painting or drawing or a vintage sign. One of my favourites was by Rockett St George and read 'First Class Waiting Room', a cool bit of wit for the bathroom. Sadly no longer sold but similar available here. Equally an oversized mirror or chandelier will add serious glam points. Obviously a large chandelier can't be hung in a wet zone but away from splash areas it will work beautifully. 

Plants can also be an amazing addition to your bathroom.  If like me you are not terribly green fingered the bathroom seems to like plants that don't require too much maintenance! Winner! Some of the best plants for bathrooms are Snake plants otherwise known as Mother in Laws tongue.  These are very on trend too at the moment along with any other cacti or succulent. Ferns, these tropical plants love the humidity and because of their big bushy shape add interest to your bathroom. Bamboo is a very useful zen like plant that could not only act as a screening if you're trying to hide something possibly a little more functional but requires very little water. Lastly not forgetting the comeback kid, the 80's Spider plant. This hardworking little plant is great for removing chemicals like formaldehyde commonly found in cleaning products and carbon monoxide from the air. Others might include Aloe Vera, Peace Lilly's, Orchids and Ivy. Another big trend at the moment is the hanging planter, pop your trailing ivy in macrame hanging basket - a total nod to the 70's. As a child we had a lemon geranium plant in the bathroom which gave off the loveliest of scents when you rubbed it's leaves or brushed past it.

Lastly candlelight. No soak would be complete without a few candles lit for ambience and relaxation.  Again no need to splash out.  If you want to burn your favourite Jo Malone, do, the smell will linger all through upstairs but equally a few tea lights in jars will give off the same warm glow. If you are looking to renovate a bathroom I would highly recommend a dimmer switch for your spot lights. Super practical not only when you are looking to relax in the tub but I have found very useful for taking little ones to the toilet at night without waking the whole house.

But whatever your style preference you can add any or all of these additions and still keep it paired back or go all out to full on glamorous. If something doesn't work, move it out and try something else! That's design, nothing is fixed, mix it up as often as you like.

Head over to the 'House Tour' section to see some of my bathroom pictures and have a nose around whilst you're there.

Have a great weekend all and don't forget that long overdue soak x