Kitchen Makeover....

Welcome to the dark side! For any of you lovely readers who follow me on social media you will know I have been busy with a revamp.  Our kitchen needed a little coat of paint, but not one to do things by half i've gone dark!  I have always loved a dark colour in a room, i've said it before I find it really relaxing.  So when we moved into our house the first thing to do in our living room was to paint it dark.  This was however a natural progression from one wall as I had to ease everyone in gently! Eventually I covered all 3 walls with Farrow and Ball Downpipe and a faux book wallpaper on the back wall.  This has the exact effect we wanted.  It is a room we only use at night and it didn't get a huge amount of natural light so the effect of the dark paint has given it a bit of drama.

This was a couple of years ago now and its something I have wanted to try in our kitchen diner to see if it has the same cosy effect. This is however our largest room and gets a huge amount of natural light.  Great for some but I wanted it dark! Therefore to compensate I was going to choose an off black colour, but having tested large sections I worried it may have been too dark, so I settled on my go to grey - Downpipe.

The first coat that went on was the dark undercoat, which never has the the look you imagine as the finished article obviously! It was at this point that my wobbles set in.  What am I doing??  You see my trouble is I also adore a light bright almost Scandinavian style, lots of texture and layers, even gallery style - stark white walls and dark floors. I feel this also carries a certain sense of drama, in fact it hadn't dawned on me until fairly recently how much I am drawn to a monochrome palette, at least not until I was forced to look at my home and where and how I had used colour - sparingly in case you are wondering!

Anyway,  spurred on by the most inspiring homes on instagram I charged on. Its now finished and I shall spend the next few days faffing and fluffing things up until I am happy - and even then no doubt things will be moved or painted! 

These were my inspiration pictures taken from Pinterest

And this is how it turned out....

Still lots of bits and pieces to be replaced, or moved, somehow the pieces that were in their original places don't quite look the same now its dark or maybe that's because it was so different.  You can see some of the before pics here to see how much of a transformation it is.  My only thoughts would be whether I should have gone with my original choice? Dare is say it's too light? The first picture was taken at night when the kitchen obviously takes on a different mood and colour,  as you can see it looks almost black - and I love it! Who knows there maybe a kitchen makeover part 2! The serial decorator strikes again! 

Let me know what you think! Have you been tempted to the dark side?