The Ultimate Guide to Organising....The Marie Kondo Way

Now that school has resumed I am on a mission to clear the house.  This happens after most prolonged half term breaks as the mess and clutter gathers in every corner, wardrobes are stuffed to bursting with every conceivable clothing item thrown into the bottom as a result of the four outfit changes a day.  All weapons and figures can be found in the oddest of places and the lego...owch the lego, as anyone who has stepped on the stuff well knows that it needs to be contained, preferably in a large box that your children can throw it all into once they've finished their masterpieces!

So my thoughts turn to something i've read recently and although sounds fairly ruthless. It makes a lot of sense and definitely resonates with my tidy space tidy mind theory.  I'm talking about the The Marie Kondo method. Have you heard of it?  Its the method that has taken hold in the US and here. People 'kondo-ing' their lives and waxing lyrical about the benefits of this almost evangelical method of organising and what it can bring to your life and not just your home.

Who is she? Well Marie Kondo is an Japanese Organisational Consultant and Author of the New York Times bestseller, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of De-cluttering and Organsing. The 'Konmari' method as its called takes tidying to a whole new level, promising if you declutter your home you will never have to do it again!. She tackles oranising your space by category as opposed to a room by room approach.  So popular is this phenomenon kondo has no repeat business and still has a 3 month waiting list.  Everybody wants to be 'kondo'd'.  This lifestyle phenomenon aims to  help readers clear their clutter and enjoy the magic of their tidy home and the calm, motivated mindset it can inspire!

Now i'm not sure i'm sold completely but I am definitely intrigued.  The basic principles being; take all of your things and ask yourself, does this spark joy? If not, it needs to go. Then once you have your most joy giving items, give them a home so that they are visible, within reach and then put them back.  This means ultimately you will never have to tidy or de-clutter again.

Start with clothes as these often have emotionally charged connotations, 'I met my husband in this', 'I paid a lot for it', 'I bought it to wear when I reach my target weight', and so on. She talks you though her patented folding system as she believes that clothes feel more loved when folded this way (this includes socks, apparently they don't like to be bundled up!) No danger of that in this house as we have an ever growing pile of odds, that I can't bear to 'bunch' until I have found its sole mate! 

Sort by Category: Clothes, Books and Paperwork as opposed to room by room. Sorting room by room is said to allow for a little bit of everything to be in each room, and not confined to one place.

After discarding all of the items that you find do not spark joy then give what you are left with a home. No fancy storage systems as the Kondo method believes this encourages hoarding, simple is better, in fact she loves a shoe box! The idea being it should be as easy to put away as it is to find it later. Sold?

I have demonstrated the folding method with one of my sons t-shirts and one of the lonesome socks!

The Marie Kondo Folding method


So if you are feeling inspired and spurred on by the thought of a home organised to within an inch of its life you can get Marie's book here.  I'm not sure I can forgo my love for a pretty storage basket but simplifying things definitely appeals to me therefore my Amazon Prime order should arrive tomorrow! Wait until I start asking the children if a particular toy sparks enough joy to make it a keeper!

Has anyone tried 'Kondo-ing' their lives and found it as cathartic as its reputation is said to be?