Embracing the faux....

The sun is shining it really feels like a spring morning, and on morning like this my focus turns to the garden and how ravaged it usually looks after the winter, but very year I try and make it look a little more presentable, with a project here and there but very spring I seem to end up back at square one, even my perennials that are supposed to give me a head start each year are looking sorry for themselves - its safe to say, a gardener I am not!

So naturally I embraced the faux flower long before they made their revival.  Which when you're limited on choice is no mean feat! Gone are the days are phoney flowers with obviously silk heads and shiny stems that blatantly shout plastic that come in colours that are so unsubtle you can see the dust gathering on them! Thankfully We now have a wide choice of very good imitations that will brighten any corner and lift any room.  No more wilting, falling petals and rotting stems at the bottom of your favourite vase.  Instead imagine a seasonal array of blooms that evoke thoughts of the English country garden, bulbous hydrangeas, roses and  blossom.  The evergreens are equally as gorgeous with ferns sprigs and trailing catkins.  Tempted?

Now my favourite faux retailer is Abigail Ahern.  By far and away she stocks the most amazing selection.  In her words she has wanted to take things that people are often snooty about in interiors and turn them into something cool, luxurious and seriously desirable.  She has definitely achieved that! So successful has she been with her faux stems, last year saw the opening of her Botanical Bar at Heals flagship store. Where a dedicated in house team of florists will recreate the seasonal hand tied arrangements for you.  

How gorgeous are these arrangements? All available at Abigail Ahern.  They also offer a Flower Club membership which consists of six seasonal bouquets delivered to your door!

And here is a small selection of faux's that adorn a table or two at mine!

So are there rules when it comes to flower arranging? Officially i'm sure there are many, and I don't claim be a florist (you've heard of my garden conundrum each year) but here are a few things that I do to add impact to real or faux flowers:

  • Trim the stems so the heads are just sitting on top of your vessel, this way they look fuller and don't flop over the vase.  If you are dealing with real blooms always trim with secatures not scissors. Scissors spilt the stems so they don't soak up as much water and die prematurely.
  • A vase doesn't have to be a vase, I use jugs, drinking glasses, milk bottles, jam jars or a tureen - in fact anything I can get my hands on (I never have enough vases anyway!)
  • Pad your bunch out with foliage, handy tip whether you are composing a bunch yourself or have a florist to do it for you - its cheaper than the actual bloom and will add a 'just picked' look to your bouquet.  Depending on the time of year ferns, eucalyptus or viburnum give a  great look. If you're unsure, what do you have in the garden or nearby hedgerows.  
  • Tie a bouquet together to keep it looking its best.  Have you ever received a bouquet and taken it out of the wrapping and put it in a vase to find it flops and falls in the vase and never has quite the same impact? Use and elastic band to keep it together.  I have also used string or floristry wire if i have it to hand as it's invisible. 

Hope you find these tips handy, happy arranging! Let me know as always what you think x