Lighting Bolt.....

Shock horror to all who know me, I love a lamp or two or more!

Its true I am completely obsessed with lights! Lights of all kinds, the bolder the better, and if they have an industrial, reclaimed vibe i'm all over it!  As my husband can vouch I am particularly fond of the humble lamp. Whether its something small and inconspicuous, but doing an important job nonetheless or a bit more wacky (refers to her much loved poodle lamp) there is sure to be a lamp on every birthday and christmas list.  

I don't know why i'm so drawn to lighting perhaps its the way a light can transform the mood in a room as much as have a functional purpose that adds drama and decoration even when its turned off (Which unless it's sporting an LED bulb is how the OH prefers them! I won't go into the the effect that him changing all of our spot lights to LEDs had on my mood for a week especially as we live under a flight path, It was so bright I thought we could direct low flying aircraft!) But whatever the reason I can spend hours browsing the lighting sections of my favourite stores. Lighting can however be really expensive.  In the past the high street would leave me underwhelmed with their choice of bland lighting options, meaning I would have to scour the internet to find something that I not only liked but that was in budget as well, often tricky as i'm always drawn to the most expensive piece on the page (please tell me this is isn't only me!) But I do also think that in recent years, we as a nation have become a lot more design savvy. Whether this is anything to do with the fact we are now decorating for ourselves more as opposed designing rooms to sell in order to take advantage of the booming market, the economic crisis seems to have inspired so much more choice from the small Independent selling their homewares via Etsy and Ebay or the high street upping their game and producing much more design led options at more affordable price points.  Either way its a win win for us when looking to transform our standard fixing to something stand out!   

Top of my wish list and where it will more than likely stay as I would have to consider selling a small child to justify the price tag is the beloved Mud Bead Chandelier.  These chandeliers come in sizes small, medium and large and are made by hand by the rural empowerment clay-bead project. Available at Abigail Ahern 

In love as much as me? Similar more affordable options are available at Houseology, BHS, Furnish and Ebay 

Whilst i've mentioned Abigail Ahern I have to tell you she does the coolest lighting! Here are my favourite picks. In fact my loves don't stop at lighting, her website is definitely full of edgy accessories. I have a particular penchant for her art and amazing fauxs! 

Although she no longer stocks her doggie lamps her Edition range is available at Debenhams and has a collection of quirky animal lights. 

Some of my favourite on line lighting stops include Pooky, for brightly coloured ceramic bases and lampshades that can be mixed and matched. Industville for really affordable industrial lighting, Rockett St George for anything from king Edison bulbs to cluster lights and neon sign lights, Garden trading for a paired back utilitarian look and the French Bedroom Company for beautiful chandeliers that can have a modern take on the traditional chandelier to an oversized antler pendant. 

When walking the high street BHS, Next, B&Q , Tk Maxx and Ikea have some inspired designs. Here are a few of my favourite picks 

Shop the look.....

  1. Bhs - White manila pendant. This ceiling light could be hung as a stand alone in a hallway (I might nab that for a project i'm working on !) or as a set of 3 above an island.
  2. Bhs - Copper saige pendant light. This pendant could also be hung as a stand alone or as a multiple above a dining table or in a nook as a reading light as an alternative to a table lamp. 
  3. Bhs - Bronze Paris table lamp. I love this Eiffel Tower light. The juxtaposition of the wire frame base to the floral shade. 
  4.  Next - Era Chrome lamp. A current trend for stage lighting modified for the home
  5. Next -  Grey antler light. For the highland lodge look. I would pair this with something sleek and shiny to create contrast. In a white gloss kitchen for instance or above a glass table
  6.  Ikea - Hektar range from ikea that consists of wall lights, ceiling lights and floor lamps. They're oversized and would add impact to any room.  I have snapped up  the ceiling light and installed it above my dining table.  
  7. As above
  8. B&Q - Issac lime desk light.  Would add a pop of colour  to any side table, desk or children's room
  9. B&Q - Kapsel dome black pendant - Black and gold whats not to love. Hang low over a dining table or island but it could also hold it's own hung as a central light.

If you're looking for a little lighting update over the Easter break it would definitely be worth taking a peak at some of these lighting ideas.  BHS are also offering 25% off for the bank holiday! 

Take a look at my instagram to see my bargain light installed yesterday!