Make me Loved came about through my obsession with interiors. Whilst juggling being a mum of 3 I want to share with you tips and trends to help make your home personal to you and somewhere that isn't decorating by numbers.

When I think back I realise this obsession started early on, I remember being very young and making the cosiest of dens in a built in cupboard that was in my bedroom. Dragging in a old lamp so I could read, and creating a cosseting ambience (although I didn't know what that was back then - obviously!) Later being given free reign to update my Rainbow Bright wallpaper for something more grown up.  I remember asking to sand my floorboards when carpet was still the 'in thing' and my dad looking at me as if i'd gone off! "what you don't want anything soft under your feet?!" I vividly remember him saying.  Sadly though I didn't know this was something I could do for a living and fell into a corporate world of work until I had my children.  I was blessed with triplets so this meant major upheaval, moving house, changing cars and everything in between. Our first house we did up fairly quickly, it was mainly a cosmetic update but soon we outgrew that too and so embarked on renovating the old house we are living in now.  This was a year long renovation with three, 14 month old babies. Whether it was the escapism of browsing interior ideas or the promise of an ideal space for my growing family i'm not sure but the beast was born! 

I hope you enjoy reading this blog, I aim to be a source of inspiration to help you design lovers in need of decorating tips or inspiration make your home a place you never want to leave - no matter how plump the purse strings are. 

Feedback, likes and smiley faces all welcome and you can always get in touch by emailing me lucy@makemeloved.com or follow me on bloglovin